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Trip to Lomé
The revenants
The national park of Pendjari
Sports in Cotonou
An african recipe Amio
Bimens park
Sports at Montaigne school
The trip to Togo

  Our school in Benin
The two horse-ridding clubs in Cotonou
Zemidjans in Cotonou
The french school of Cotonou
Hobbies in Cotonou
Life in Cotonou
The Voodoo

RemonterTrip to Lomé

Last week, on Friday 5 th April, the classes of form 3 and 4 went to Lome, capital city of Togo. They went there for many sports-meetings of hand-ball, basket-ball, volley-ball, table tennis and swimming.
Living Cotonou at 3p.m, the bus arrived at 6.30 p.m. Host-families welcomed the students in their houses. On Saturday morning, from 8 to 12a.m, they went to the French school to play basket-ball and table tennis. During the afternoon, they played hand-ball and volley-ball. The next day, swimming took place at 8 o'clock in the hotel "2 Février". Immediately after the last competition, they went back to Cotonou at 12 a.m.
At the border, they stopped to have lunch, and then returned in the bus for Cotonou. They arrived in Cotonou at 4 p.m.
Boys won all their matches except volley-ball, and girls lost all theirs except swimming. Finally, Lome's French scool beat Cotonou's French school.
People who where in Lome said the trip was really exciting and very nice.

Dibousse Fadel
Tchatchouang Lyne


RemonterThe revenants

6 years ago near my house I heard a drum and I looked out of the windows and I saw some people who got the " revenants " out . They wore a beautiful tunic with embroideries in gold and in their hands and they had a riding crop. The people put a chair in the middle of the street. One of the revenant sat on the chair and made a ceremony. When they had finished the ceremony the revenant started doing dancing.



RemonterThe national park of the Pendjari

In Benin, there is a national park which is in the North. This park is called : " The national park of the Pendjari ". In this park, there is a hotel with a swimming pool, and the rooms are air-conditioned. There are many different ponds which have many kinds of animals, like lions ,elephants, cheetahs, does, hyenas… Some little mammals, like squirrels, some reptiles, like snakes, crocodiles, etc… There are many kinds of animals and insects. It's a park where it is impossible to be bared. When you go there, you can learn many things about animals life.


RemonterSports in Cotonou

If you want to do some sports in Cotonou, you've got a lot of possibilities :
· If you're a student in Montaigne, you can join many clubs : hand ball, volley ball , judo, swimming, football, rugby, basket ball, gymnastics and table tennis.
· If you want to go to a private club, you've also a wide choice : nations club (where you can play football, tennis, basket ball and ride horses), the Benin Marina hotel (golf, football, tennis and aqua gym) and the Marina riding, and so on …
But the big probleme in the Benin is the heat


RemonterAn African recipe Amio

Put the pot in the fire with some water mix with oil and some ingredients (tomatoes, onions, chil, piments, shrimp). When the water boils put the maize flour in the boiling water. Stir during ten minutes at least leave fifteen minutes at least. Serve with chicken. Enjoy your meal ! !

Djossa Odilon


RemonterBimens park

The first time I went to Bimens was in 1994. I went there with my parents and one of my friends Riyad. Bimens park a good amusement Park in Porto-Novo. It's the biggest Park in Porto-Novo. It's very big and beautiful and there are all types of animals. We have meeted somebody who wants to play with us, we accepted and we had great fun that a afternoon. There are many pupils here and there are many things to do.


RemonterSports at Montaigne school

In Montaigne school, the sports activities are very different. There is : basketball, football, volleyball, handball, judo, rugby, gymnastics, Ping-Pong. Boys and girls, everybody is abbles to do sports. Mostly on Wednesday afternoon, the sports can last 1h30 or one hour. The bathrooms are available for a sportsman after his effort. Come fast.


RemonterThe trip to Togo

We left Cotonou Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock. In the bus, we chatted with friends during the whole trip. Once we got to the border, we waited for the teachers while they were checking our passports. Finally we arrived at LFL ( French school ) , we got off the bus, we went in the school to have a drink and to join our host-family. We slept early because the next day would be a long and tough day. On Saturday, the boys won all the matches and the girls lost. At night , we went to a friend's party. We enjoyed ourselves all night. On Sunday we left Lomé at 11 o'clock after the swimming competition. We got back to Cotonou at 4 o'clock. The journey was nice but it was very hot because the air condition wasn't working. We had great fun ! ! !


RemonterOur school in Benin

All countries in Africa have one or many French schools. In each school there is an infirmary,a secretary and two libraries. There is too a nursery school, a primary school and secondary school . Saturday, only the secondary school works. The day of week, we begin at eight am and the afternoon we finish at six pm but noon we have a break at twelve until three pm. In our school there are many sports like football, handball, volleyball, basketball, ping pong… And many activities like club internet…


RemonterThe two horse-ridding clubs in Cotonou

There are tho horse-ridding clubs. The first club's name is the Nation's club that is sixteen years old. The second one's named the Marina and was created 5 years ago. Unfortunately, the two horse-ridding clubs are competitors. The two horse-ridding clubs are very good. We let you choose between the Nation and the Marina like we do. The Nation club is a club which offers a lot of activities whereas the Marina is only a horse-ridding club. Come to enjoy yourself to the horse ridding.


RemonterZemidjans in Cotonou

In Benin, there are lots of types of taxi-moto drivers, in Cotonou they wear a yellow shirt with a number so do they in Porto-novo except that the shirt is green. They take people and drop them off where the people want. They are too many and their motorbikes clumsy consequently they pollute our atmosphere. But they're very useful for the population because they're not expensive, many people don't have a car or a motorbike and they come in front of houses so people needn't walk too much.


RemonterThe french school of Cotonou

This is our school called Montaigne (it's a writer's name). The schooling starts from nursery school and finishes with the 7th form of secondary school. There are 4 class rooms in nursery school, 5 in primary school, 6 in secondary. The nursery school is separated from the others.The is composed of 3 playgrounds (1 is for the primary school and the 2 others for the secondary school), 3 covered playgrounds, 3 fountains andan infirmary.
The primary school has got a library and about 10 class rooms but the secondary has got a library room too and about 15 classrooms. There are a football pitch, 2 basket-ball grounds and a handball ground.
Our hours are 7.45 to 11.45 in the morning for everybody but in the afternoon it's 3.00 to 5.00 for the nursery and the primary's schools and to 6.00 for the others. We practise a lot of sports especially on Wednesday afternoons. Each year we travel to Togo or to Niger for sports meetings. It's a great school, we wait for you ! ! !


RemonterHobbies in Cotonou

In Cotonou, there are many hobbies. And a lot of people like to go outside at the week-end. On Wednesday, afternoon some people go to the CCF (French Cultural Centre).It is a big and beautiful library where we can go to know more things.Everybody is accepted from six years old. The CCF is a park too where there are shows and theatres with Beninese and European artists, who are very amusing. On Saturday, many people go to shopping. There is too a fashion shop, " Wrangler " where the young can buy beautiful and trendy clothes and shoes. Not far from there, there are small restaurants and ice cream shops where you can refresh you after shopping. On Sunday, you can go to the swimming pool.


RemonterLife in Cotonou

Here in Benin, we go to school earlier than in France, a part from that we learn the same things as in France and we do the same things at break. I like my school.The teachers are very nice and I have a lot of friends. I go riding once a week-end and I love swimming. I am very fond of going to the beach next to fishermen' roads. I sometimes swim when the sea isn't too rought, I play volley-ball with my family. I love living in Benin because I can go the beach all year round, exept when it rains. Here in Benin, it is very hot not like France in winter when I stayed at home and was bored.


RemonterThe Voodoo

Every village has Voodoo convent. A Voodoo convent consists of a temple and a Vodungan (Voodoo priest). The priest trains initiate (Vodounsi) to become adepts of his god and each priest specializes in a particular Voodoo god. A few times a year the Voudoungan organizes a public ceremony in the streets where the Vodounsi will come and dance in their regalia to drumming music. It is fascinating ; however there aren't any schedules as to when these ceremonies take place. They are almost never for tourist so e assured what you are seeing is authentic. If you happen to see one, consider yourself lucky and stay as long as you can. Note- that you must ask permission before taking pictures and be prepared to pay a few thousand CFA (a few dollars) as an offering to the god for the privilege. In the Fon language the word "Voodoo" means "Spirit". And the word "Spirit" is a term used to describe the specialized nature and it's served in the Voodoo tradition. Voodoo is the heritage of the ancient Africans nations that were exile in the new world. Voodoo is more than one thing, it's medicine, justice, police, and it's art, dance, music as well as religious ritual. The Voodoo has no need to complete with anyone. As far as the birthright of the African, Western religions might be conditioned into their psyche, but Voodoo is in their blood, and has been for thousand of years. For those who are attracted to or feel that they are drawn to the tradition, they will come on their own volition. In conclusion we can tell you that Voodoo is very very bad.