E.C.G. Electricity Company of Ghana

We visited the workshops of E.C.G and a man told us about meters (les compteurs électriques). He explained that they had 4 quality meters : a meter for houses using 10 to 50 kw, a meter for those which had got television, fridge etc and for small manufactures from 150 to 300kw and one for big manufactures using more than 300kw. My attention was kept by the card meter. I think it was a good idea and very practical. The customers just have to buy an E.C.G. card 5000F CFA or more and put it in the meter. It allowed customers not to have a very expensive bill at the end of the month, the E.C.G not to have many unpaid bills. It was meant for all the population the rich and the poor.
Gihane Seidou

A JOB : Public relations at E.C.G.
To be a commercial implies to be good at public relations. So the look is very important. A commercial has to be nice looking : well-dressed and her or his hair to be well-done. Another important aspect : a commercial can't afford to be shy, he or she must be an easy-talker and be open-minded, because this job consisit in praising the advantages of the company or its products. So, a commercial will have to : make the customers appreciate the company, talk a lot establish the link between the company and the customers and finally help people into buying the product or the service. We can summarize this job with only one word : To convince.

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