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Tema is the industrial area of Accra. There are many factories located in Tema one of which is the cocoa processing one. It is specialized in cocoa processing : they transform cocoa beans into finished products or semi-finished ones. Cocoa is Ghana's most important commercial crop providing nearly 50% of the export earnings. The maximum production of cocoa is located in the centre of the country : Kumasi, Sunyani.
Modesta Zekpa

In Ghana, cocoa is the most important commercial crop, nonetheless since 1960, the cocoa production has declined , it was around 300 thousand tons in 1991. It is due to many reasons, the poor transport facilities among many. Other commercial crops are coconuts, groundnuts, palm-oil and bananas.They amount respectively to 225, 200, 7 and 3 thousand tons in 1981.
Réginald Delienne

When we arrived at the Tema chocolate factory a man came and gave every girl a cap and an overall. He explained that we had to put on those things because of the sanitation rules in the factory. Then we went to visit the first part of the factory.
Pascale Prudent

The factory buys raw cocoa beans. They are stocked on platforms. The beans are grilled in order to facilitate shell removal. The winnow machine (pour vanner les grains) helps in this process. They press cocoa to get the oil, it is put in cisterns and finally it is heated. They produce cocoa butter, cocoa liquor, cocoa cake and cocoa powder.
Modesta Zekpa

The semi-finished products are taken to the finished product factory. There they overturn the cocoa powder in a cylinder and they mix it with sugar and milk powder. Then this mixture goes through pipes and reaches the room where they pack it to do chocolate like "Nesquick" or sweets like "Smarties" or chocolate bars.
Diane Amoussouga

To my mind the sanitation of the factory is quite bad. We arrived in the second part and we saw the machine which transformed the chocolate into powdered chocolate, it was put in bags and in some of them the chocolate escaped because they were not closed correctly. In a third room we saw the packing of the powdered chocolate in plastic boxes, it was semi-automatic because the chocolate fell in a plastic box but there was a man who closed it. Pascale Prudent Despite all these drawbacks the visit was very interesting and I think all pupils liked chocolate so they liked the visit.
Diane Amoussouga

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